Group Coaching

80% of all chronic disease is due to preventable lifestyle habits.  Group health coaching gives those who are not looking for one-on-one health coaching an opportunity to obtain guidance from a health coach and to work with a community of like-minded individuals; this might be all you need to keep your health on the right path. Group coaching clients have access to exclusive health and fitness information, biweekly group meetings, and most importantly, encouragement and support from your fellow healthnauts! Set up group challenges, track your progress, and use the power of your team to achieve your goals!

Contact Seattle Primal Health with your group’s requirements for more information.

Virtual Group Workout Program

Virtual Group Workout ProgramThis program is designed by Seattle Primal Health specifically for your group. We will set individual and group goals to meet, and track results using the Vimify app. Milestones, personal records, and various achievements will be there for all to see. Encourage each other to meet your team's full potential!


Workshops & Seminars

Workshops & SeminarsSeattle Primal Health can offer or coordinate customized health and wellness workshops for groups, clubs and companies to help further support attendees on their path to a healthier lifestyle. Workshops can be on a variety of topics. Some ideas of workshops include topics such as Meal Preparation; Fitness at Work; The Effects of Diet on Brain Function and Productivity; and setting up Group Health Challenges for your teams.