Corporate Wellness

Virtual Group Workout Program

Virtual Group Workout ProgramThis program is designed by Seattle Primal Health specifically for your group. We will set individual and group goals to meet, and track results using the Vimify app. Milestones, personal records, and various achievements will be there for all to see. Encourage each other to meet your team's full potential!


21-Day Primal Challenge

21-Day Primal ChallengeThe Primal Challenge is an opportunity to reorient your life to achieve better health, get on the road to better fitness, and reset your metabolism to let your genes express themselves to their full potential. We cover food choices, exercise options, and much more. While only 21 days, the Primal Challenge can have effects that last a lifetime. We’ll help get you started, guide you through the process, and be there for you when you need a little push to stay on track.


Workshops & Seminars

Workshops & SeminarsSeattle Primal Health can offer or coordinate customized health and wellness workshops for groups, clubs and companies to help further support attendees on their path to a healthier lifestyle. Workshops can be on a variety of topics. Some ideas of workshops include topics such as Meal Preparation; Fitness at Work; The Effects of Diet on Brain Function and Productivity; and setting up Group Health Challenges for your teams.